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You can’t spell ‘Dong Draper’ without ‘Don Draper’


Hey there. Thanks for barking up the Dong tree.

Believe it or not, I don’t just make memes.

It doesn’t pay the bills, or for my McChicken costume.

I’m Sai, a self-taught copywriter by way of Clemenger BBDO and MullenLowe.

Now I’m looking for a new gig where I can continue putting my fearless, proactive, and punorthodox thinking to good use.

Let me show you what I mean.


I helped an entire JetBlue flight join the mile cry club.

Our harebrained thought (What if passengers clapped for crying babies?) became a Mother’s Day spectacle that taught millions to empathize with mums and their little ones.

Made at MullenLowe with some stupidly talented folks, “Flybabies” won a Lion and is in the MoMA permanent collection.


I gave New Zealand a new reason to drive phone-free.

Working on PSAs at Clems taught me a thing or 1,200 about resiliency. Road safety ads are a haystack, and fresh thinking is the needle.

Rather than using the same tactics falling on deaf ears, we stepped out of the car-shaped box to get drivers to listen.


I (almost) offered President Obama a farewell lift.

Imagine going from Air Force One to flying United. Yikes. When President Obama stepped down, JetBlue wanted to offer up the next best thing to a flying Four Seasons.

“Fare Force One” is a proactive idea that came oh-so-close to print. I’d love to tell you the story sometime.


Hire the misfit that Brandcenter rejected. Twice.

I didn’t get into ad school; I cobbled together a portfolio using only Hey Whipple, a pirated copy of Photoshop, and my questionable judgment.

Being an outsider helps me see advertising not for what it is, but for what it could be. It’s how I tackle every brief, every time.

Hire me to make a little mischief. Hire me to make things that make you feel things. Just don’t hire me to make ads that look like ads.

And if you’re keen for a team, there’s a badass Art Director you should meet.

Let’s talk.